Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Only 3 More Days!

That's right folks, in less than three days, Shelby will be the place to be for all sorts of academic Whedony goodness!

So here's a final bit of information for those of you who're planning to join us:

You can access a .pdf copy of the program hereYou'll get a hard-copy program when you check in on Saturday, but this one accurately lists who is presenting when and where. The conference schedule can be found in the program, and also here on on the JIJ blog

Registration will run from 8 am until 12 noon. As Joss In June is a one day conference with a grand total of four sessions, we urge everyone to get there in time to register and be ready to attend the first session at 9:15. For those of you with friends, family, or colleagues who are interested in seeing the conference but have not already registered, we will be offering same-day, attending-only registration on Saturday during the same time period, at a cost of $20.00 per person, payable by cash or check onlySame-day registration includes access to all of the panels, but does NOT include lunch. The final lunch order went in yesterday, and we cannot add any more orders to it.

The LeGrand Center
The LeGrand Center is a multi-function building, with the first floor devoted to classroom space for Cleveland County Schools' Early College program, and Joss in June will take place in the conference center on the second floorJust head upstairs form the main lobby, and you'll see the reception desk where you'll be checking in at the top of the stairs. Elevators are located under the stairs on the first floor for those with mobility issues. We'll have signs posted, so finding your way shouldn't be a problem.

The conference welcome, lunch, keynote, and raffle will be taking place in the Special Events Ballroom, labeled as Ballrooms 4, 5, and 6 on the map. The panels will be taking place in Conference Rooms 1 - 3.

All conference rooms are equipped with projectors, screens, and ports for VGA and HDMI cables. VGA cables will be provided, but if you need an HDMI cable BRING YOUR OWN. If you are planning to incorporate visual presentations, clips, etc. with your presentation you will need to bring your own laptop. For those of you who might want or need internet access during the conference, WiFi internet access is free under the LeGrand's guest access, with no password needed. The signal is strong and fast throughout the conference center.

Either Dale or I or a Joss In June technical assistant in a black t-shirt labeled "Operative" will be in each conference room for every session. Any of us will be willing, able, and happy to provide technical assistance, if you need it. Please don't hesitate to call on us!

Shopping and Other Fun Stuff
McFarland and Co. publishing will be at Joss In June, with tables set up in the atrium area outside of the ballroom, and will be selling their books at a special conference rate. McFarland is usually able to take credit cards as well as cash. McFarland will also be taking book proposals on Saturday.

We're also pleased to announce that some incredibly cool (seriously, these shirts just rock!) Joss In June t-shirts will be available for purchase in the atrium, as well as a few shirts from Slayage 5, held last year in Vancouver, and some Whedon Studies Association (WSA) coffee mugs. 

Joss In June t-shirts (pre-shrunk, and available in men and women's cut) will be selling for $20.00 each. We'll let you know about the pricing for the other items as soon as we figure it out ourselves! However, we will only be able to take cash or checks for any of the t-shirts and mugs, so bring some cashy-money with you.

Also bring some cash for our fantastic raffle, to be held after Rhonda's keynote. We've rounded up some really cool items, including a  (relatively) rare Electric Company Spider-Man comic book scripted by Tom Whedon, Joss' father! Other Whedon comics, graphic novels, even a script or two, and more will be raffled off, so bring a few extra bucks for tickets. We'll be selling 1 ticket for $1, 5 tickets for $3, and an arm's length of tickets (measured from middle finger to shoulder) for $5.

Our goal for Joss in June is to break even, and t-shirt and raffle sales go towards covering conference expenses. In the unlikely event that we actually see a profit from Joss In June, that money will be donated to the WSA to further the international academic study of the works of Joss Whedon. 

Joss In June Facebook Page
To facilitate communication between Joss In June attendees, and to help those who might be looking to carpool to and from various airports, we have created a Facebook group page for Joss in June, which you can find at

Since Facebook has a notification feature, we'll definitely be posting updates, etc on the conference there, as well as at the blog and via e-mail. It's also a good place to meet some of the presenters and attendees before the conference, and we'll be posting pics from the conference there, and encourage you guys to do the same.

Tweeting The Conference
Recently, it has become relatively common for people to live-Tweet during academic conferences. We have asked all of our presenters to provide us with their Twitter handles, if they use the service. These handles will be posted on each presenter's name-plate, and we ask that if you Tweet about a presentation, you do so with proper accreditation, via either the presenter's full name or Twitter handle. The hashtags for Joss In June are #JossInJune and #JIJ. We'll be putting together a record of the conference Tweets via storify, so please use those hashtags so we can include your Tweets! Some best practices for conference tweeting have been developed by the American Historical Association, and they have graciously given us permission to repost those here: Please read this over if you are considering live-Tweeting Joss In June.

And, of course, if a presenter or session should ask not to be Tweeted please respect their wishes.

We can't wait to see everyone on Saturday, and thanks to all of you for making this an incredible conference!

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